Overdose Emergencies: What to Do

If you think that someone has overdosed on alcohol or drugs, call 911 immediately, state that you believe someone has overdosed, and provide a clear address and location. Rapid response is essential for preventing potential permanent brain injury or death. First Responders in Milton are trained in reversing opioid overdoses with the drug Naxalone.

The Massachusetts 911 Good Samaritan Law provides protection for the caller from drug possession charges when an overdose victim or an overdose witness seeks medical attention. Also, if you are close to a person who is misusing or addicted to an opioid painkiller, it is advised that you purchase and have on hand life-saving Naxalone, an easy to use nasal spray that can reverse an overdose before it’s too late. Most health insurance plans will cover most of the cost. You can purchase Naxalone at most pharmacies without a prescription.

(You may read more about the Good Samaritan Law on the MassTAPP website.)

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You May Save a Life!