MSAPC Operating Structure and Guidelines

Approved by Milton Board of Health August 2016

I.    Leadership and Roles

The Milton Board of Health (BOH) sponsors the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.  A Coalition Chair will manage the Coalition and its Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee will be comprised of the Chair, plus up to six members representing the Core Stakeholder Group (CSG). One of those individuals will serve as Vice-Chair for a maximum of two years.  The Board of Health will appoint the Chair and Vice Chair.
The roles of the Steering Committee are to plan coalition meetings, set coalition priorities, recommend hiring of staff and interns to BOH, form and dissolve working Committees, make recommendations to the BOH on policies or important operational considerations, assist with fundraising, and develop a strategic plan.  The Steering Committee should be regarded as “Ambassadors” of the Coalition.

The Steering Committee is composed of the following five Core Stakeholders:

Caroline Kinsella, Milton Health Department Director, Chair
Noel Vigue, Milton Public Schools Director of Health and Physical Education
Vicki McCarthy, Milton Youth Counselor Emeritus
Stefano Keel, Community Resident and prevention expert
Dr. Susan Koch-Weser, Professor of Public Health, Tufts University

The Steering Committee shall meet between Coalition meetings as needed, and meetings will be called by the Chair, or Vice Chair in her absence.  Meeting minutes will be taken and posted on the Coalition website.  Decisions will be made by majority vote. The Chair will be a non-voting member, unless there is a tie vote. Controversial issues, as determined by the Chair, may ultimately be decided by the BOH.
In the first year, three seats will be allocated for a one-year term and the other three seats will be for two year terms. Thereafter, all seats will be for two year terms on a staggered basis. The Chair will serve a term at the pleasure of the BOH. Steering Committee members are expected to attend all or at least a majority of meetings. Four members are required for a quorum. The Vice Chair will fill in for the Chair in his/her absence.
Coalition staff, consultants, or guests can be invited to attend these meetings by the Chair.

II. Membership and Roles

General Membership is open to anyone who is interested in supporting and furthering the Mission of MSAPC.  Dues are optional, and are set by the Steering Committee. General members are expected to attend and participate in key meetings, offer opinions on relevant issues, join mailing list. They can also volunteer on working committees, offer special skills, and represent MSAPC at other meetings and conferences.

Core Stakeholders are defined as 1 representative (unless otherwise noted) from each of the 14 partnership sectors serving Milton, listed below. As the core membership of the coalition, they are responsible for attending all coalition meetings possible, and representing as well as communicating with the institution or constituency they are representing. They can also be appointed to the coalition’s steering committee.  At times, the Steering Committee members may ask Core Stakeholders to vote on selected issues.  One vote is permitted per stakeholder.



  • Youth

  • Parent

  • Business

  • Youth serving organization

  • Law Enforcement agency

  • Faith or fraternal organization

  • Civic or volunteer group

  • Healthcare professional

  • Town government (with some expertise in substance abuse field)

  • Other organization involved in reducing substance abuse

  • Media

  • School

  • Academic/Researcher

  • At large Community members (up to three reps, at least one of which will be a resident in recovery and/or directly impacted by substance use)


Core Stakeholders will be solicited and appointed by the Board of Health from the General Membership through an open application process. Terms will be for 2 years. Should a Core Stakeholder step down during their term limit, the Steering Committee will invite a member of the coalition to fill the position.

Steering Committee members will be solicited by the Board of Health from the Core Stakeholder Group. In the first year, Steering Committee members will be appointed by the Board of Health.  Henceforth, Steering Committee members will be voted on by the Core Stakeholder Group.  It is preferable to have broad representation of stakeholders from year to year.

At times, the Steering Committee members may ask Core Stakeholders to vote on selected issues.  One vote is permitted per stakeholder.

At times, Coalition members may be asked to represent the Coalition at relevant meetings or conferences.  The Steering Committee will appoint members to do so. Any members appointed as such are obliged to take meeting notes, and bring back any relevant materials or information to the Steering Committee from the proceedings.


The 2016-2018 Members of the MSAPC Core Stakeholder Group are listed below:

Current MSAPC Core Stakeholders
Name Partnership Sector Organization
Caroline Kinsella * Town Govt. Board of Health
Gwenyth Sauter Youth ---
Ted Carroll Parent Milton Public Schools
John King Police Milton Police Chief
Noel Vigue * Schools Director of Health and Phys Ed
for MPS
Pat Desmond Media Milton Times
Robert McCrystal Business Fallon Ambulance
Pastor Shelly Davis Faith East Congregational Church
Elizabeth Thomas Civic Organization ---
Magda Morris Youth Serving Org ---
Dr. Margie Skeer *Academic/ResearchTufts University
Christine Hamilton Health Care BID Hospital-Milton
Kym Williams Substance Abuse Prevention Org Blue Hills Community
Health Alliance
Vicki McCarthy *
Stefano Keel *
Ted Carroll
Community Resident Milton
Laura RichardsTown GovernmentMilton Board of Health
 (* signifies Steering Committee members)

III. Committees

Permanent or Ad Hoc Committees will be formed, and dissolved, based on recommendations from the Steering Committee, with input from Coalition members. Committee members must be members of the Coalition. Meeting minutes will be taken and posted on the coalition website.

IV. Administration

Coalition Meetings

The Coalition will strive to meet at least every two months, including an annual meeting to be held each Fall.  Meeting dates and agenda items will be determined by the Steering Committee. Coalition members will be solicited for their suggestions. Meeting minutes will be posted on the website and approved by Steering Committee members.

Visitors are welcome to all meetings.

Coalition Resources (cash, staff, and volunteer)

Personnel, cash, grants and volunteer resources will be managed by the Chair or her/his appointee, and twice a year the Chair will provide updates to the Steering Committee and BOH.
A fiscal agent, such as a 501(c)3, may be used to collect funds on behalf of the coalition, with approval by the BOH.
An annual budget will be developed by the Steering Committee and approved by the BOH.
A financial report will be presented at the Coalition’s Annual Meeting and/or by written communication to Coalition members.
Grant proposals must be approved by the Chair before being submitted.

V. Communications

The MSAPC will publish a newsletter at least three times per year, as well as maintain a website and an email address for reaching the coalition.  On the website, there is a section entitled “Community Voices” whereby Milton residents can express their opinions on substance abuse and mental health issues. The Chair reserves the right to select articles for publication.

VI.    Strategic Planning Process

A multi-year Strategic Plan (SP) and accompanying annual Action Plan will be developed to guide the Coalition’s priorities, using community assessment data and evidence based best practices to inform its strategies.  Coalition members will be invited to initially shape the goals, objectives and strategies contained in the plans.  Using this input, a more formal SP and accompanying Action Plan will be developed by the Steering Committee and finalized for approval with a majority vote by the Board of Health. 
Recognizing that the substance abuse and mental health fields and resources are rapidly evolving, the Steering Committee will review the Strategic Plan as needed, and can make recommendations to the BOH for updates to the Plan.
The SP will be posted on the Coalition’s website.