Learn about the problem and prevention

A lot of educational material (much of it free) is available to better understand how to prevent and address substance abuse and mental illness. The links below, recommended by the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, are offered as a starting point in your own discovery process.

Our partner, the Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, focuses on educating our Milton-area communities on ways to reduce underage drinking.  Visit our joint website for some great, easy to read information: www.rethinkthedrinks.com

General Educational Information

Here are some helpful links for those who wish to be informed about substance abuse; how it can be prevented and addressed.

Information for Parents

Talking With Kids About Underage Drinking

Topics related to Vaping

Other topics of interest to Parents

Information for Teens

Information for Health Care Providers

Information for First Responders & Law Enforcement

Information for Athletes and Coaches

Information for Clergy

Information for Friends

Information for Veterans