Litany of Lamentation and Thanksgiving

(The following prayer was written by the Rev. Hall Kirkham (St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Milton). It was part of the 2016 Thanks for Giving service sponsored by the Milton Interfaith Clergy Association, hosted by Temple Beth Shalom of the Blue Hills.)

God of many names, we cry out for all who suffer and are lost in addiction:
You created them your beautiful children, and offered dreams for their future.
A broken world poisons them, and leaves them isolated from the call of love.
Our hearts break open in hope and desperate yearning for their recovery,
    and in mourning and gray emptiness over their deaths.
Be present in their isolation. O Lord, hear our prayer.

God of our strength and comfort, we beg your guidance for the caregivers and loved ones
    of those who are addicted:
You call us into the disarray of lives we cherish.
We witness and hold suffering, and wade into that swirl of helplessness.
We bring what we can gather, giving hearts and hands toward healing and renewal,
    or simply toward survival.
Be present in our offerings. O Lord, hear our prayer.

God of our common sharing, we look for you within communities reeling from addiction:
The cities, towns, villages and neighborhoods of our shared lives support and strengthen us.
They now bow and stumble with each life taken away, each family mourning its lament and despair.
The world rends the fabric that should hold us together, threatening darkness in its place.
Be present in our gatherings. O Lord, hear our prayer.

0 God who knows us, guides us, and created us all in your image:
We thank you for communities able to stand together in strength, for those who will discover
    and then use their power to heal, and for the astonishing possibility of lives that can, and do,
    emerge from brokenness and disarray.

Terrible and beautiful things happen in the world, may we not be afraid.
Hear us in our lament, and in our hope. Amen.