Original content by MSAPC staff, volunteers, and community members are organized in two collections:

Community Voices

Personal stories and experiences
The Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MSAPC) exists within and to serve a community: Milton, Massachusetts. In any community, issues related to mental health and substance misuse are fraught with pain and loaded with stigma. MSAPC seeks to provide qualified information and resources in a dispassionate and professional manner, but with the compassionate recognition that affected community members are deeply impacted.

One powerful measure to promote understanding and to combat stigma and misinformation is to provide a platform whereby community members are afforded a voice about their experiences and opinions. That is what this section of our website is intended to address.

MSAPC editorial staff reserves the right to review and approve articles in this section of the website. The content of these submitted articles belongs to the authors. The positions and opinions expressed may not reflect the position of MSAPC or the Milton Board of Health.

These articles are submitted by Milton, Massachusetts residents. If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please contact the coalition at info@milton-coalition.org